With this lab, you will deploy and manage a Kubernetes cluster in IBM® Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS). Learn how to automate the deployment, operation, scaling, and monitoring of containerized apps in a cluster.

In this tutorial, you act as a developper. You configure a custom Kubernetes cluster that is used to deploy and test a web application for managing todos. The front end is written in Angular and the reminders are being stored in a Cloudant NoSQL dababase. All run on Node.js, in Docker container managed by Kubernetes.


  • Create a cluster with 1 worker pool that has 1 worker node.
  • Install the CLIs for running Kubernetes commands and managing Docker images in IBM Cloud Container Registry.
  • Create a private image repository in IBM Cloud Container Registry to store your images.
  • Add the Cloudant NoSQL DB service to the cluster so that any app in the cluster can use that service.


  1. A developer clone an existing web application from Github.
  2. Run the application locally and produce a Docker container image.
  3. The image is pushed to a namespace in the Container Registry Service.
  4. The application is deployed to a Kubernetes cluster.
  5. Users access the application.

Command Lines

This diagram gives you an overview of the task, services and main command lines you will be using during the lab.

Cloud Services used

This tutorial uses the following runtimes and services:

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